Join Us For The Inaugural
Digital Conference

October 19th  |  1:30 – 5:30 pm

The Space Gallery  |  Denver, CO

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SheSummits is a unique digital conference designed exclusively for women working in UX, design, technology, media and marketing. We'll celebrate our craft, find inspiration from digital innovators and connect with women pioneering their way through the world of digital agencies and brands...all in the intimate setting of The Space Gallery in Denver's historic Sante Fe Arts District. We'll explore 4 themes in 4 unique sessions.

Session #1

How can you capture the art of inspiration?

Melanie Taylor, Vice President of Content Strategy, Inspirato
Mary Beth Montgomery, Creative and Brand Director, Virgin Pulse
Erin Jacobsen, Designer, Tres Birds Workshop

In a culture driven by automated algorithms, where we measure talents and abilities and constantly quantify ourselves and others, are we losing our appreciation for the art of inspiration? What inspires me may not inspire you, but can awaken us all to new possibilities -- overcoming limitations to have extraordinary experiences. In this session, our eclectic mix of storytellers will take us through their moments of inspiration, providing the tools you need to activate and capture elusive inspiration.

Session #2

Do you dare?

Morley McBride, Founder, More Creative by Design (MCBD)
Meredith Olsen, Program Manager, smith & beta

Calling all digital hackers and marketing mavens of the A/B test! Experiments can take many shapes; a new idea, setting an intention, freedom of creativity, a beautiful failure. Personal or professional, we’ll try something new we’ve never tried before. Journey with SheSummits through ideation, discussion, and initial execution of your own decided experiments. Breakthrough your comfort zone and dare to commit to something new in your career.

Session #3

Is making the key to thriving in digital?

Jessie Dixon, COO, Havenly
Amy Maher, Vice President of Product, Havenly
Sarah Miller, Senior Director, People & Culture, Havenly

Making is all the rage. But why? To thrive in a career in digital, making is the key to survival. It allows us to quickly share ideas and explore possibilities. Today’s leaders harness digital technology to make, create and innovate - to not only grow but to survive. The executive team from Havenly, a Denver start-up who recently raised $5.8m, bringing their total Series A funding to $13.3M, will share their story of making something from nothing and disrupting the interior design business model. Gain valuable tips about how to build something that is meaningful to your customers while learning a process that can be applied in your job or charting a new path in your career.

Session #4

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? -Sheryl Sandberg

Ale Lariu, former Executive Creative Director, Frog Design NYC, and Founder, SheSays Global

“Having Courage” can take on a different meaning for each of us at different moments throughout our lives. As we get older, being courageous can take on a significance that can feel super heroic and even unattainable -- but we believe having courage can be an important element of our lives every day. What does it mean to be a courageous female professional in the 21st century? Share the journey of one courageous woman and learn tangible steps to being (even a little more) courageous every day.


10 engaging speakers. An afternoon of insights into digital innovation, design and leadership.


Ale Lariu

Former Executive Creative Director, Frog Design, and Founder, SheSays Global

Ale is the former Executive Creative Director at global product strategy and design firm, Frog Design, working with clients in the retail services space. In 2012, she was in Fast Company’s “League of Extraordinary Women” with 60 other accomplished leaders including Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. Prior to joining Frog, Lariu had been working with start-ups and running two of her own for which she made it into Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” list in 2010. Before that, she was an advertising creative director with over 18 global industry awards. In 2007, Lariu co-founded SheSays, a vibrant community of creatives with more than 30,000 women in 27 countries. Born in the Amazon jungle, she grew up in Rio de Janeiro, lived in Europe and has settled in Brooklyn, New York.


Melanie Taylor

VP Content Strategy, Inspirato

Melanie Taylor is a creative problem solver with twenty years of diverse marketing communications and leadership experience within award-winning advertising agencies, public relations firms, and luxury goods companies. She is a champion of using storytelling to engage consumers and pull them through the purchase funnel, and helps guide the use ethical use of social media and word of mouth as a solution to business challenges.

Mary Beth

Mary Beth Montgomery

Creative Director, Virgin Pulse

Mary Beth is an inspiring, enthusiastic leader of multidisciplinary creative teams. She is formerly responsible for building & maintaining the Virgin Pulse brand (part of Richard Branson's Virgin Group); providing creative direction across all customer touch-points to ensure engaging brand experience; developing digital marketing campaigns and content; managing multidisciplinary creative teams and projects from concept through execution.


Erin Jacobsen

Designer, Tres Birds Workshop

Erin is a designer at local design-build firm, Tres Birds Workshop, and enjoys working across disciplines in both her professional and personal work. Her creative passion is rooted in experience design - the intersection of sociology, branding, the built environment and digital touch points. She finds inspiration by going old school and using simple materials - paper, clay, paint and fabric to explore ideas.


Jessie Dixon

COO, Havenly

Jessie is a seasoned retail professional with over 10 years of experience working in the rapidly evolving ecommerce space. Prior to joining the founding team at Havenly as Chief Operating Officer, Jessie held roles at, and working in a variety of capacities ranging from product management to corporate strategy and merchandising. Jessie received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS in Business Administration.


Morley McBride

Founder, More Creative by Design (MCBD)

Morley is the founder of More Creative by Design (MCBD), a human-centered design and strategy consultancy based in Boulder. She moved to Boulder from NYC where she worked for design and innovation firm, IDEO, and taught Design Thinking at NYU. Prior to joining IDEO, she worked for NBC News’s Education Nation initiative, the Aspen Art Museum, and Rocky Mountain Institute. Morley earned her M.B.A. from Yale School of Management and her B.A. from Middlebury College.


Sara Roberts

Senior Global Solutions Director, Merkle

As a modern marketing technologist, Sara draws on over 18 years experience helping world-class clients by leading 80+ person international performance marketing technology teams. Originally from Chicago, she and her husband moved to Denver 10 years ago for the sunny outdoors. Sara also enjoys motivating her two young daughters and others to galvanize their superpowers.


Amy Maher

VP Product, Havenly

Amy is Havenly’s VP of Product and is passionate about building great products via collaboration, solving root problems, and - above anything else - truly listening to your users. Before Havenly, Amy spent several years on the Craftsy product team, and also worked on consumer products in the immigration and insurance industries.


Meredith Olsen

Program Manager, smith & beta

Meredith is a project manager and experience design coordinator with smith & beta, employing iterative techniques daily to put new ideas into practice. With previous experience as a classroom teacher from an early career in secondary education, she brings interactive and effective teaching methodology to classroom design. She most recently ran a workshop on making and creativity at Denver Start-up Week 2015 and is looking forward to experimenting with SheSummit's dynamic group of professionals.

Sara M

Sara Miller

Senior Director, People & Culture, Havenly

Sarah is the head of People & Culture at Havenly. Her whole career has been spent working within startups to help build high performing teams of passionate people who are all moving in the same direction towards a common goal - company success and always makes sure everyone is having fun while on the journey. Prior to Havenly Sarah ran the HR function at a Boston-based tech startup, and helped manage the company through a successful corporate acquisition. Sarah then started an HR consulting business with the goal of bringing her knowledge and love for People Operations to many small startups in the Denver/Boulder area.

The Space Gallery

400 Santa Fe Drive, Denver